Your Competitive Edge:

Deep Client Understanding Through Listening

Big River Strategic Advisors assists leaders of mid-sized law firms in their strategic planning efforts by uncovering where these venerable firms honestly stand. We achieve this through a tailored program of one-on-one interviews carefully designed to reveal the “unvarnished truth” from the people who know their firm best — their clients, associates, and industry partners.

The results of our findings serve as a critical foundation and powerful tool, allowing the pursuit of an actionable business-building strategy for their future — a strategy authentically focused on:

  • meaningful and true competitive differentiation
  • unified and focused internal culture
  • deeper client loyalty
  • rediscovery and clarity of the firm’s “true north”

Nobody wants to be surveyed... but everybody wants to be heard.

The Insight & Implications Process


Essence Audit

Discover the firm’s distinctiveness and purpose by understanding its vision, accomplishments, and aspirations through one-on-one conversations with its leadership, founders, senior partners, and administrative leaders.


Alignment Audit

Understand the firm’s culture, operational norms and professional day-to-day behaviors through personal conversations with attorneys, associates, lateral hires, and longtime staff members


Strategic Listening

Face-to-face, one-on-one interviews with up to 20 key clients, representing a diverse cross-section of your clientele. This step uncovers clients’ true perceptions, identifies your areas of strength and areas that need improvement. 


Exec Presentation

Convey to the firm’s senior management the synthesized feedback resulting from the Essence, Alignment, and Strategic Listening phases of the Insights & Implications process. The presentation includes verbatim client quotes disseminated into 8-10 strategic themes and a firm SWOT analysis.


Partners Presentation

Present to all partners a summation of the firm’s Insights & Implications initiative (less sensitive firm feedback that will be addressed by the firm’s top leadership). This strategic presentation is well suited for a Firm Retreat with a breakout session among partners addressing key insights and growth opportunities.


Execution Phase

In a meeting with senior firm leadership, key next steps and accountability arising from the Insights & Implications process must be clarified and set in motion. Big River, along with the firm’s management, set up specific tasks and goals, which Big River monitors every 6-months and reports progress to firm leadership.

Why work with us

Unvarnished Client Feedback

Provides invaluable insights into your operations, helping you identify strengths, pinpoint weaknesses and spot opportunities based on your clients' honest feedback.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Serving as the voice of the client, we uniquely interpret your clients' deepest needs into actionable insights, and compelling growth strategies to set your firm apart.

Face-to-Face Interviews

No surveys here. We believe that only carefully crafted face-to-face interviews can reveal the nuanced truths behind client sentiments, which often go undetected with standard survey-based research.

Exemplary Firm Representation

Our trained professionals ensure every interaction reflects your firm's values and excellence, solidifying client trust and reinforcing your firm’s prestige with every client interaction we undertake.

Fred Moore President Strategic Advisors

Meet our Founder:

Fred Moore

H. Frederick T. Moore is a well-known and respected strategic communications veteran. Prior to launching Big River in 2001, Fred served at several of the nation’s top strategic agencies where he led engagements with preeminent business organizations such as IBM and SAP. More recently, Fred has helped nationally recognized law firms such as law firms such as Hunton Andrews Kurth, Williams Mullen and Lightfoot, Franklin & White.